Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ahhh... the Drunk Dial...

I have a friend... this particular friend was very excited to be watching the UFC 92 PPV event at home with his bro and some friends last night. He knew and planned ahead of time his getting completely and utterly drunk. Which meant that I knew I had a drunk dial coming...

Sure enough, at 1:03am this morning, my phone rang out with the strident tones of Numa Numa (the Japanese Cover) that I set as his ringtone (That's a whole other story...)

When I answered, I was greeted with singing... I have no idea about what, because he had apparently succeeded in his goal of getting twisted. At some point he started singing/telling me that whatever he drank, it was brown and hairy, and came in tiny little toy glasses known as shots.

He then proceeced to forget who he was talking to, and settled on calling me Bill (My name is not Bill). After I let him run with that for a while, he then forgot what his own name was, having a debate (mostly with himself) whether his current name was his old name or new name (He's currently in the middle of legally changing his name). 

So basically, this went on for about 45 minutes, while I tried my best not to pee myself... and then the dirty talk started... it was about a 10 minute rant of boobs, boobies, and so on, including my personal favorite: "Mommy Funbags"

I found out later today that this particular dumb bastard had mixed shots of Hennessy with about 5 or 6 Budweisers, which to him is the greatest beer in the world (I'm working on that).

He called me about noon... feeling the pain, and also having absolutely no recollection of the call. The first thing he said to me today was: "Did I call you last night? I did? Oh noooo.... what did I say?"

Ya gotta love the drunk dial. :)