Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What About Bob?

My 2 year son has a friend. I've never seen this friend, nor has my wife. You see, this friend, who my son has named "Bob" seems to be imaginary in nature (at least I hope so...).

We've asked our son about Bob, and at times Bob is a doggy, an adult, a child, a ball, or a pillow. Bob seems to take many shapes and forms throughout the day. However, Bob took on a new form today. Bob became food.

My son has a cooking fetish. He loves to cook. He's already graduated from little toy pots and pans to my old 6 and 14 inch saute pans... and hoo boy, he's got the wrist flick down and everything. So today he was cooking up a storm on the couch (his "kitchen", and don't dare try to sit there when he's cooking). I asked him what he was cooking, and he pointed at his toy food but didn't say anything. Then he scooped out his pan, put the contents into a dish, and put the dish into his toy microwave oven (that thing is great, 4 food settings, light, and working turntable). 

Once again,  I asked him what he was making... this time, he thought about it, pointed at the microwave, and told me to wait a moment. When the microwave dinged, he took out the dish, held it up for me to see, and proudly proclaimed: "BOB!!"

I don't know what Bob looks like, but he sure tastes good when cooked...