Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So here's what happened:

Last night my wife and I were making homemade chocolates to give out to people for the holidays 

(pause for the snarky snort that just issued from your head that says "Showoffs" when what you really meant was "Jeeze I wish I were that talented and thoughful")

We were using these plastic molds that gave form as well as life to our creations... it started getting late, and we had moved on to the most difficult ones of all, the large snowmen. These were the most difficult because we were trying something new, which was more than 1 color of chocolate on a piece... this one had 3 colors...

So, snowmen... you get the idea, big snowy-white dude, hat, buttons, and so on... this is what we ended up creating:

Crude perhaps, but we never claimed to know what the hell we were doing, this was an experiment all the way, which turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself. 

So we did a couple of trays of these, and I got tired and bored of them, so I went to watch TV while the wifey kept going... then I hear: "Ooooo, I just got an idea..."

Don't misunderstand me, I love my wife, but when I hear those words come from her mouth, well, a chill goes down my spine... So I asked her what the idea was, and I got another chill inducing respons of "you'll see"...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am about to share with you the creation my wife came up with... I realize I have not tagged this blog with the adult label, but please, for the love of, I ask you to make sure there are no children in the room....

I present to you: The Al Jolsen of snowmen!!!!!

Trust me, I have no idea what she was thinking either.... but it's just not right.... not right at all...