Saturday, December 20, 2008

Old Man Winter is Cranky

As you all probably know by now, we here in the Northeast got hit by a pretty major winter storm, the first of the season...

I love the snow. I love when it's cold, and the snow is falling, and all the sounds around you are muted, and everything is white. 

Yet, I hate when it snows here in NYC. Why? Everytime it snows... for 2-3 hours you get the above conditions. Then, invariably, it turns to rain by the end of the storm, and you're left with this nasty grey slop and slushy streets that overwhelm and clog the storm drain system, so you have to jump or wade through muck that is 4 inches deep. 

This particular storm was worse than most. Not because of the amount we got, which was only about 3 inches, but as it turned to rain, temperatures also dropped into the low 20's overnight, so everything froze over hardcore... I'm glad I didn't have anywhere to drive last night.

So we're now in the thick of the frozen/slushy/grey slop mode, and there's more coming... I'll leave you with a picture out my back window during the "nice" part of the storm.