Friday, December 19, 2008

My Fantasy World...

Hey folks, 

So, I am a fantasy sports fan... I do them all; baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, auto racing, salary caps, survival, tourney pick'ems.... you get the picture...

I consider mysef a decent player, although I do get overwhelmed at times and a team or two suffer as a result, which I try my hardest to avoid, because there's nothing I hate more than a manager who doesn't keep up with his team (unless I'm facing him that week, in which case I'll happily take the 10-0 blowout).

So every day, I'm going to post about the going-ons of my teams. I know you don't care, but deal. :)

Right now I have only 2 teams running, 1 basketball and 1 hockey. Guess which team goes with which sport?

Beasts of the East (6th place, 31-31-1)
Puck You Up (5th place, 52-39-9)

Yesterday was a slow b-ball day, with only 3 players seeing action, all in 1 game. However, powered along by the performance of Steve Blake and his double double, plus the fact that all 3 guys put up 15+ points, saw my team move ahead in the matchup this week 8-1. I expect that to change however... we'll see, I do have my full roster playing tonight, but my opponent and I are very evenly matched.

Hockey had a full slate running last night, and finally Pavel Datsyuk came through for me like I've been waiting for... 2G, 2A, and a +4. Unfortunately, that was offset somewhat by the performance of Marc Vlasic, who put up a lovely -4. Douchebag. 

Again, my opponent and I are very well matched in the standings, and the matchup is currently 3-4, with 3 catagories tied. I expect this week to end 5-4 for one of us. It could go either way.

So that's today's fantasy update... I do have football teams, but they were knocked out of the playoffs already, so it's been a bad year on that front. I already can't wait for spring training to start!